10 Minute Love Handle And Thigh Workout

When it comes to our appearance, there are certain areas that leave us feeling more subconscious than others. For example, the core and lower body tends to be the main concern and let’s not forget that it can also bring health issues.


In recent years, we have developed the term ‘muffin-top’ for the small overhanging fat over trousers or skirts. On the side stomach, we can also refer to these as the ‘love handles’ or even the ‘spare tyre’. In essence, this section of our body forms the core and connects the upper body to our lower body.

In order to trim or lose the muffin top entirely, the area needs to be targeted during your workout. Recently, we created a superb ten minute workout that enables you to target the love handles, thighs, and the abs from many different angles. However, you will feel it working your entire body.

Love Sweat Fitness created a excellent 10-minute workout target the thighs, tone the love handles, and work your abs from all angles. But don’t you worry. Your entire body will be worked.

The Exercises:

  1. Grand plie
  2. Heel lifts
  3. Squat jumps
  4. Oblique twists
  5. Puppy dog leg lifts
  6. Inner thigh leg lifts
  7. Side leg rise


Before you press play, all you need is a mat and a bottle of water. If you want to work the love handles, your core, and thighs, this ten minute workout will do exactly that. What’s more, you can complete the workout anywhere you wish.

Of course, you mustn’t forget nutrition to complement your workouts as the two will work as a partnership to get you into shape!

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10 minute love handle and thigh workout

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