9 Things You Need In Your Home Gym In 2017


We may be in the depths of winter, but we all know that summer will come. And with summer, comes swimsuits. That thought alone can inspire dread deep in our hearts. However, that thought is also enough to spur one to shed the excess winter pounds. If the thought of a sweaty, expensive gym, crowded with people, that you have to travel to is simply daunting in and of itself, then maybe you want to consider bringing the gym to your home. Personally, the physical experience of working out is exhausting enough that it is a deterrent to the effort of getting to and from the gym.

As you begin working out, you know that you will wear yourself out physically, you will be tired, but also that you will get used to it and as your body strengthens you will experience less fatigue from exercise. If you want to have a plan or simulate having a personal trainer, look online and you will find a great deal of resources to help you stay on track and working towards your goals.

Home gym equipment is available to help you meet your goals of physical fitness and target trouble areas. There is equipment to address nearly all fitness goals, from increasing overall physical endurance to toning your body for the visual appeal of swimsuit wear, there are many options to choose from.


This may be the most common home exercise equipment, and for excellent reasons. Running is a basic exercise, and works the entire cardiovascular system. Weight loss is attainable with a running program, and you will find that your entire body is involved in your workout.

Although running is generally preferred to be an outside activity, in inclement weather a treadmill will let you continue with your fitness program. You don’t get the benefit of the fresh air, but at least you can still get the other benefits.

There are many variations in treadmills, so you will be able to tailor your choice to what best serves you and your situation. Do you intend to walk or run? If you plan on lots of running, you will want to be selective about the durability and a motor that can stand up to the higher demands on it. If you plan to just walk for your workouts, you won’t need that same level. Some machines are able to be folded for storage, or at least have the walking space lifted up to take up less space, so space considerations are a significant issue as you investigate. A treadmill that is entirely stationary will take up more space than one that is made to fold up. And then there is the price issue. Treadmills vary widely in price, generally related to the durability, options and other considerations.
photo: SF-T7603 Electric Treadmill, available at Amazon

Elliptical trainer

This is generally a machine that you will find in your fitness store right next to the treadmills. It gives you the benefit of a treadmill and the additional challenge similar to a stair stepper. Your heart rate will be more challenged more due to the type of combination workout you will get. Many people consider the elliptical as boring and repetitive, however the workout you get may be what you are looking for. You will want to do your research as there are good and bad ways to use this machine and you certainly don’t want to skimp on getting the biggest bang from you workout Available at Amazon

Stationary Bicycles

These workout machines are one of the earliest and most commonly used machines. Technology has come a long way, and now you can use this bike and feel like you are riding a typical bike, but instead of just a static flat ride, you can adjust settings so you can modify your workout to be interesting and challenging. You can experience a workout that feels like you are riding hills, flat areas, speed targets and more. You will find yourself not only sitting to ride, but standing and using other position for climbing. You will find that not only can you burn 500 to 900 calories an hour, but you can get an entire body workout. Used correctly, with all the options, you can see huge changes in your entire body.

photo: Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycle Trainer, Available at Amazon


Bosu Balance Trainer

This piece of equipment will give you a workout different from all others. You will not only target toning body areas, but you will gain flexibility, core strength, balance, cardiovascular efficiency, and endurance.

  • There are two sizes to this trainer, the full size and the sport size, which is smaller at 50cm. So you can consider your space availability with these options.
  • This trainer comes with a DVD and a wall chart of exercises that can be performed with the trainer.
  • It can be used balanced on the dome, or with the flat base down, to increase your options for doing planks, crunches, toning and cardiovascular work.

Available at Amazon


These popular pieces of equipment have many names, commonly referred to as fitness trampolines or rebounders. Using this equipment for ten minutes gives you a workout that is comperable to running for thirty minutes, giving you an opportunity to make large changes in your fitness in a smaller amount of time. Knowing this, it is difficult to decide that you don’t have time for a workout, no matter your schedule. Many users of these rebounders report that they greatly enjoy their workouts on this equipment and compare it to th fun of a full size trampoline. It is much easier to shed pounds when you enjoy your workout! Fitness trampolines at Amazon

Suspension Trainer

Any time you are working against gravity you will get a more intense workout, so these suspension trainers are a huge bonus as your entire body is off of theh ground. You will be using your core more due to instability, and find that while it is certainly more challenging, it is also more beneficial in a workout. A suspension trainer is very portable and can be used once you can securely attach it to a sturdy point. You can use a door, or even a tree limb, so the options are nearly limitless as long as they are strong and secure.

TRX Training – Suspension Trainer Basic Kit, Available at Amazon

Pull Up Bar

If you are targeting your upper body, you will want to work on pull ups. While these are very challenging for most people, starting with just one or two will get you going and work on strengthening your arms. This is an item that is made to set up in doorframes in your home, is moveable, and generally simple to get securely installed. You won’t even need to damage your walls with holes. There are options to consider, such as differences in handles that help you get varieties of grips, and even spots where resistance bands can be added support to aid your workout. Available at Amazon

Resistance Bands

Imagine a giant rubberband that can help you in your workouts. When you lift a weight, it doesn’t give you consistent tension. A resistance band will give you continual resistance that will help you build strength and muscle. Storage is not a concern as they are much smaller than free weights, and can really add to the work of your exercises and challenge you. Available at Amazon

Jump Rope

When you think of jumping rope, you likely hearken back to your childhood memories. What you didn’t know as a kid was that this is an inexpensive, do nearly anywhere kind of exercise. If you are trying to make the most of your workout time, you will be encouraged to hear that ten minutes of jumping rope will get your cardiovascular workout in, and equals about thirty minutes of running exercise. Talk about literally getting a great workout bang for you buck! Jump ropes at Amazon


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