You Need To Get Rid Of That Candida Yeast Infection

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Have you just been diagnosed with a yeast infection, or have you read sufficient material to be convinced this is what you can really relate to? There will be a few reasons why you are possibly reading this page right now. You’ve either been diagnosed as having a Candida problem and you are looking for a cure or you aren’t really sure just yet and stumbled on this page after you researched your symptoms and did a Google search.  Perhaps you have a vaginal yeast infection or jock itch? Maybe your child has oral thrush? Are digestive issuesdepressionanxiety, food allergiespsoriasis, or skin problems major health concerns in your household? If so, you’ll be surprised to learn that Candida can often be the likely culprit, and may well be one of the main underlying causes of many of your health problems.

After having treated several thousand patients for years in my clinic with many different kinds of health complaints, I have learned that most all Candida patients fall into one of several categories, but the three most common are:

1. People Who Have Been More Recently Diagnosed. This is the group of patients who will have been just diagnosed with Candida but who haven’t quite yet figured out how to effectively deal with it and eradicate it. The unfortunate this is this, they also in many cases aren’t really aware of the long-term consequences of letting a Candida yeast infection run rampant in their body. Many people in this category think that they can kill Candida and fully eradicate it by taking a few dietary supplements for a couple of weeks along with stopping sugar containing foods. They most certainly haven’t come to the realization yet that some of those pills, like antibiotics, may have landed them in their dire situation to start with.

2. People Who Have Been Suffering For Some Time. This category of candida patients have been suffering from the effects of a yeast infection for many months and even possibly a few years or more. This second category hasn’t quite figured out how to adopt the right diet as well as lifestyle habits that could have turned their health problems around ages ago, as all too many in this category once again rely on pills and potions while they keep the maintaining causes going in the background. Generally speaking, this person will be a bit more enlightened than category 1 person and may have tried kefir, coconut oil or an antifungal dietary supplement but he or she hasn’t been exposed to a highly effective total-wellness Candida solution at this stage.

3. People Who Have Been Suffering For A Long Time. If you are in this category then you will have been suffering from the effects of candida for 5, 10 or even more years. You may well have tried dozens of dietary supplements and have spent thousands of dollars in your quest to get well. You may have consulted one, ten or even fifty different doctors and still remain unwell. You’ve lost a ton of money and, sadly, a huge chunk of your life has gone by.These are the patients who doctor-hop, go to forums and may even be on sickness benefits. Many are too broke to afford any more treatments unfortunately and these are the kinds of patients that are very difficult to work with indeed.

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Please understand that I simply can’t outline my 27 years of research and clinical experience of Candida yeast infections, or what took me 3 years to research and write, in a single web page article! But I sincerely hope that I’ve given you enough information to truly understand my logic and experience with yeast infections and the most effective way to treat this all too common condition. No matter how long you have been suffering with a yeast infection, no matter how severe your symptoms, you will be almost certain to find a gold nugget in the Candida Crusher book to help you achieve a renewed sense of total health and well being.

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OK, so now you know the deal. Candida can wreak serious havoc with your life. It can literally destroy your health, and drugs and medical treatments are clearly NOT the answer. If you are interested in eradicating the yeast infection once and for all, do what many thousands of Candida sufferers have already done – buy a copy of Candida Crusher. The amazing thing is that this book is guaranteed to help you get RID of your yeast infection – OR you get a 100% refund of the purchase price if you want within the first 60 days after buying it. How fair is that!

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Here’s to your health!

Eric Sig
Eric Bakker N.D.

Candida expert and author of Candida Crusher, formulator of the Canxida dietary supplements.


  1. Hello Eric. Love your openness with information. I have been trying to do investigation into candida diets and have decided t follow your methodology and even ordered the Canxeda supplements. Still trying to absorb everything I can about candida I have run across someone who seems as studious as you are that has similar methods of treatment, but there was one thing that struck me ass a difference. The other method involved a stage where he applied Sanum Isopathic remedies after the starvation and antifungal phases. He said it was to eliminate the few „Daddy” candida that is left and bring them back down to their relatively harmless versions of candida, otherwise the more grotesque forms of candida would still be around to propagate once you start to add the sugars to your diet. I was wondering your thoughts on this?

    • Greetings Josh, COMPLETE waste of time, isopathy and Candida. Isopathy is a slightly more specific sub-form of homeopathy. Rather than „like cures like” (which is based around symptoms), isopathy uses „exactly the same thing cures the thing”. What a load of complete BS. There are over 19 strains of Candida I commonly see (over 100 in general), how are isopathic methods going to target ALL the strains and sub strains? How will isopathy help SIBO, leaky gut and commonly found parasite issues? What if a person reacts violently to isopathy? How will the doc „switch-off” inappropriate aggravations?

      I studied homeopathy for 7 years including post graduate level and have NEVER had success with homeopathic methods and Candida, and it’s one of the big reasons I have stayed with naturopathic methods consistently.

      My advice? Avoid this clown and stick with PROVEN methods.

  2. Some say to avoid cheese and that candida likes fermented foods. Is this why liquor is bad for candida? What makes cheese different than sauekraut, and should things like mayonaise be cut out.

    • Cheese is dairy and prone to being covered by mold, sauerkraut in a fermented NON dairy food rich in lactic acid. Big difference. Yes, mayo nearly always contains sugar. Making your own mayo is best and OK with Candida. Liquor? Are you kidding me? It is the WORST thing to take if you have Candida, watch my videos, I’m sure I’ve done one on why no alcohol.

  3. Do you have a clinic or consulting practice in Sydney Australia? Or can you recommend any naturopaths that specialize in candida like yourself? Also, I am so heavily brain fogged that I don’t quite understand how the testing kits would work…I’ve read a bit on your website, but could you please explain how this would be done if someone is in a different country?..Thankyou.

  4. Hi Eric, I did your online candida test and it came out severe! My doctor won’t test for Candida overgrowth so is there another way to confirm diagnosis? Also have you ever come across candida growth on the lips? For awhile now I’ve been having problems with raised red patches on my lips. They come and go but are very annoying. I wondered if it might have anything to do with Candida overgrowth or maybe some kind of bacteria as I can’t pin point it to anything else. Thanks

  5. I purchased your Candida Crusher book two years ago and after following its advice have seen my health has improved greatly. I’ve been experiencing recurring vaginal yeast infections since I had my first menstrual cycle when I was 12. I am now 39. My infections are more mild since I started the candida cleanse, but still stubbornly present and am hoping the Canxida products I just started taking will help. My question: can the cause of the infections be hormonally triggered?

    • Yes they can. Be sure to use the Boric Acid capsules I recommend in Chapter 5. You CAN cure this thing completely, the success rate is 95 percent + if followed correctly. You may need to make up many capsules and use them for one week BEFORE your period (estrogen influences Candida significantly).

  6. Exercise is a huge stressor for me. I know it’s healthy for most, if not all, but it raises my stress levels and I become very angry, anxious, and stressed. I don’t like it. Also, I do not believe in taking pills (supplements) – is there any natural food rich in pre-biotics to get rid of Candida? Plus, also, when can you re-introduce those foods you had eliminated during your Candida diet?

    • Greetings Emily, Then you need to find out WHY exercise is so stressful for you, an important consideration. It may well be your adrenals because you are using words like „very angry, anxious and stressed”.

      Whether you believe in supplements or not, you will hard pressed getting the same amount of therapeutic value from foods as you would from specific antimicrobial herbs that are proven to work. You may want to check out my book Candida Crusher, it will give you lots of options as far as foods and various herbs and spices you can include in your diet.

      When you can re-introduce foods? When symptoms improve, that’s when. A slow introduction is recommended. All the best

    • Hi Kicki, we have no plans at this stage. We are more interested at this stage in getting our new website and product label compliant for the EU region. There are so many people in Sweden who would like to have access to the CanXida range of products, but your customs is proving to be a real pain.

  7. I have had candida for decades with a wide range of symptoms, now particularly painful after 3 antibiotics cures in a row. I follow a strict diet, adding coconut oil, oregano, tumeric etc. I also have severe COPD and to stay off the fags I chew Nicorette gums all day long. Would that have any effect on the candida?


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