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  • Low Carb Double Chocolate Cake

    This recipe makes a moist, healthier alternative chocolate cake that is gluten free and eliminates the use of refined sugars.┬áThe cake uses the sugar substitute┬áTruvia and the frosting is sweetened with chicory root powder, a natural sweetener that can be used as a cup for cup alternative to sugar. For the cake batter: 3/4 cup […]

  • 9 Key Exercises To Slim Down Your Thighs

    In women, excess fat tends to accumulate on the thighs first. It is possible to regain the slim, toned thighs you can love with a threefold approach of exercises focused on the thighs, plenty of cardio, and a healthy diet. While some of the exercises require gym equipment, many of them can be done in […]

  • 7 Steps To Curb Your Carb Cravings

    In the middle of the day or in the evening, do you constantly feel the urge to snack on carbohydrates, and sugar treats? If this becomes routine, it could have something to do with your lifestyle and your surrounding environment, as well as a lack of certain foods in your diet. Here are some tips […]