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Sean Cooper’s The Shyness and Social Anxiety System:

Scientific Techniques To Eliminate Shyness or Social Anxiety, Build Conversation Skills and Make New Friends

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Now…it’s TIME to break free of the social anxiety, shyness and/or lack of confidence that has been holding you back for so, so long.

Self consciousness is that awkward icky feeling that other people are watching, judging and analyzing your every little movement or word.

I used to feel self conscious all the time in public–even just walking past somebody in a park or buying some food at the store! I always felt like other people were critically judging me.

In this video I show why one of the cures for self consciousness is actually…to become MORE self conscious! (Or more accurately self-focused: focused on what you are doing.)

See, most shy and socially anxious people are too easily distracted trying to pay attention to what every random person might be thinking of them. This makes you focus too much on other people when you are walking down the street, shopping or trying to talk to someone in a crowded place. As a result you feel awkward and you freeze up trying to talk to someone in public when other people might overhear the conversation.

The solution is to redirect your focus. Allow yourself to ignore all those background characters in your life.Focus more totally on whatever you are doing. (Just like in a movie only the main characters are in focus, the unimportant background characters are blurred out.)

To really understand this technique, which I call “Tunnel Vision” you need to watch the video above now.

And practice this in your daily life to feel less self conscious in public.

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