5 Effective Quick Abs HIIT Workouts


When deciding to exercise, one of the main focuses will be on the removal of belly fat and we now know better than to run for hours on end as there are more effective methods. Recently, High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has become a popular choice as many exercises can target the stomach and help to chisel those much-desired abs. If you wanted to do the same, we have five fantastic exercises that will help to burn that fat away faster than ever before.

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Before we get started, you can easily make your HIIT workouts even more effective by using a timer (smartphone app will work just as well), water, yoga mat, and a towel. Once you have these by your side, you are ready to begin your workout;

These are five simple exercises that don’t require investment in equipment but will soon strengthen and tone your core. As long as you complete this workout several times a week, you will soon see a change and the hard work will have paid off. Try to repeat each exercise at least ten times with small breaks to create an entire workout lasting around 30 minutes!

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Pilates 100

This move is infamous purely because it can be so hard but if you add it to your workout, you will soon see the difference. With your back flat to the floor and your legs out straight pointing at a comfortable angle, focused breathing will allow you to really target the abs.

V Sit-Up

To target the rectus abdominus (the lower ab), you will need the V sit-up and you will also get the added benefit of targeting obliques. Once you are laying flat on the floor outstretched, the aim is to bring your body into a ‘V’ shape by pulling your upper body forward and your legs straight up.

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Plank (Knee to Elbow)

This is yet another exercise with a poor reputation but can you see how the exercises that make you work are the most effective? Again, planks aren’t fun but they target your abs just like the previous two. Once you’re in a plank position, bring your knees up to your elbows in turn; even after just one set, you will really feel it get to work.

Side Plank (Leg Lift)

Continuing on the plank theme, this exercise will see you lean onto one arm so you are facing sideways before then lifting your upper leg into the air. This exercise is many trainer’s favourite as it hits the core and builds strong muscles. Not only will you strengthen and tone your core, you will also benefit from engaging the gluteus medius. The good thing about this exercise is that there are ways to make it slightly easier if you need to start a bit lighter; be sure to push yourself once you feel comfortable though!

Slow Bicycle

The final exercise is a tricky one because it seems natural to move faster but it is the control that really helps to engage the abs. After laying on the floor and bringing your legs up, pull each one towards your chest in turn whilst moving the opposite shoulder to your leg. Can you keep control and resist the burn?


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