9 Amazing Workouts For Strong And Sculpted Arms



You might wonder how developing a sleeker, stronger upper body is similar to math! Many intelligent women just don’t believe its a feat they can accomplish or say they do not want to look muscular so they choose to do nothing. There are many exercises that will not build muscle mass but will firm up your arms, make them longer and absolutely perfect for sleeveless tops in the dead of summer.

The Best News: you can do these exercises at home by simply using your own body weight. You do not have to invest in expensive equipment or gadgets.

Trainer’s Tip: To increase caloric burn and see great results, quickly, march or jump in place for 2 minutes after completing each move.

22. Uneven Push-Up

Exercise Goal

This activity is best suited for those people who want to build up their upper body stamina. To create the uneven surface for the push-ups, you can use a stack of books, football, or even a medicine ball.


You can start by placing your right hand on the surface of the ball while your left-hand rests on the floor. Settle into the plank and squeeze or press your abs and shoulders as you move down towards the floor. Don’t forget to keep your elbows tucked in. push up from the flow and switch the ball to your other hand. Repeat the set 5 times on each side.

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9 Amazing Exercises for Strong and Sculpted Arms